The Gut Lab

Sisters from the beginning, growing in to best friends and business partners. With an undeniable, innate passion for health in our world, empowering others with tools to help themselves, Dani’s brilliant business expertise, and Lexi’s natural ability to create and heal – The Gut Lab was born (you might even say it’s our baby together!). Spring 2016 Dani was working for Stella McCartney, getting her Master’s in Business Administration and living in London, England. Lexi was about to have her third boy (now with four!), and in school to be a herbalist and we decided this was the perfect time to begin a business, as you do – (hey, if not now, when?). Five insanely challenging + truly amazing years later it has grown into something we couldn’t possibly have imaged ourselves. With family and wellness at the very heart of it all still and nowhere near finished. We take what we do and your health very seriously – but we are anything but serious. We’re here to find joy in life, find humour and light in it all, take care of one another, and guide and support our customers on their healthiest path yet.




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