Toymaker of Lunenburg

We believe that children are inherently curious and creative. We make simple toys that children can use to stimulate their own imagination. Ray and I are PhD scientists. We started building toys when our daughter was born because it was difficult to find eco-friendly toys made in North America. Before long, friends asked if we could make toys for their kids. We left our science careers to pursue our passion to make quality fun-to-play-with, wooden toys and woodcrafts. Due to our research training, we want to provide children with tools to become free thinkers. Like most parents, we want to offer toys that are of value – how many times do you hear that the child was more interested in the box than the toy? This is because the box offers more opportunities for children’s creative thinking. The Toy Maker of Lunenburg designs and manufactures safe, durable, eco-friendly, Canadian made toys, games and brain teasers that inspire imaginations and creativity. Our starting material is sustainable harvested lumber.




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