Spirts with Smoke

Meredith McNamara & Antonio Querin, the co-founders of Spirits With Smoke, are two best friends with a love of whiskey & cocktails. For us, special times with friends & family always went hand in hand with a terrific cocktail. After working in the hospitality industry for 20 years, we saw an opportunity to transform the ordinary cocktail by creating a whole sensory experience. The goal? Create a way to add a smokey aroma that is visually stunning & sure to add bursts of aromatic flavour. As Spirits With Smoke is LGBTQ and female-owned, being a socially responsible company is a primary focus. Thus, Spirits With Smoke has partnered with Fuse33, a local trade workspace that helps people with disabilities overcome barriers to re-entering the workforce. Spirits With Smoke contracts a portion of its production to local artisans and carpenters.




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