Soft Soul Footwear

SoftSoul started simply as a slipper for our hypoallergenic baby, and has grown into the first eco-friendly, animal-free (PETA-Certified), Canadian made slipper to serve the modern family. As a mother, anything created out of “love”, is very detailed and thorough, therefore our slippers are handcrafted art made from luxury textiles and cork fabric. Im so motivated and inspired by the modern family and parenthood. I want to thank you for welcoming me into your family, and trusting me to protect your little babies feet. SoftSoul Footwear INC wants to support the cork industry sustainably and strategically. We believe the best approach to achieve this is aiming for the following goals: 100% Portuguese cork This guarantees economic support and livelihood for thousands of rural populations across Portugal while maintaining a strict quality standard for our products and consumers. The Portuguese corks’ seal of quality is essential to you, and to us. 100% Sustainable Cork tree forests are ecologically and economically sustainable. They help regulate water resources and play vital roles in preserving several species of fauna and flora. These forests make up for one of the richest ecosystems in the world. Our overall commitment is to contribute to the reforestation and wildlife conservation programs available. Size Chart Available on our website:




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