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BORN ON NATURAL WELLNESS OUR STORY In early 1990’s our founder had a transformative teeth whitening treatment and wanted to share that experience with the world. It quickly become apparent this was not possible as most products on the market contained harsh ingredients and caused extreme sensitivity. She wanted to make the world smile with nature and became dedicated to improving oral health on the planet one smile at a time. OUR INNOVATION Spa Dent Naturals set their benchmark for ingredients high, exceeding standards in the industry. Combining research of emerging ingredients like Xylitol, a tooth friendly sweetener and Neem which is naturally antibacterial and has been used for centuries in India to clean teeth. We set out to be the first company to make a whitening gel that had an NHPN (Natural Health Product Number). Our in-house R & D and Microbiology labs are continuously working to improve our products and formulate with the latest scientific advancements.




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