Revol Cares

After years of clumsily “dealing” with my period and bleeding through every product I tried, I was sick and tired of spending time and money on products that didn’t work. It felt like life stopped on my period – I was constantly worrying about leaks, checking the clock, and arming myself with backups.
Deciding enough was enough, I put my technical fashion degree to use and set out to develop period underwear that could protect even a heavy bleeder like me all day long. And so Revol Technologies Inc. was born.
Over the past 4 years, I’ve partnered with my husband Mayo to grow the brand from home-made to worldwide. We’ve been thrilled to see how Cares’ undies have become life-changing for so many heavy bleeders like me. Now, our next goal is to elevate the experiences of 100 million people with periods and create a space where everyone feels like they can be “Free to Bleed.”
Feel empowered, ditch the stress of leaks and join the REVOLution.




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