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Human Fuel’s mission is to provide top-quality supplements, protein products, and services to everyone. They offer an impressive range of supplements and protein products for use in daily life. The team behind Human Fuel understands that every individual has unique dietary needs. That’s why they offer a customized program that caters specifically to each person’s requirements. The Back to Basics program includes a wide range of food options, quality videos that use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, and daily one-on-one support.

This program was created by five individuals who share a passion for healthy living and are committed to promoting healthy lifestyles. The program features a line of high-quality supplements that are sourced entirely from Canada and adhere to Canadian requirements. Each supplement has a Natural Product Number (NPN), a Drug Identification Number (DIN), and instructions for use on every label. All of the products have been reviewed and registered by Health Canada. List of products, Back to Basics program, Simply Relora Simply Probiotic, Simply SIlymarin, UltraLife121, Protein shakes, protein bars, protein snacks, protein drinks, protein pretzels, Pur gum/mints and better stevia drops




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