Hot Spings in a Bag

When I moved to British Columbia from my native Quebec in 2007, I discovered through a friend a remote and beautiful natural hot spring: the Halfway Hot Springs in Nakusp, BC. One soak and I was in Love. After that experience, my baths at home were never the same. I wished I could bring the Hot Springs home to fill my bath and an idea started to brew in my mind. I started to experiment with the water from the springs to turn it to a salt that I could add to my bath to recreate the Hot Springs at home. In 2014, I succeeded! Since 2014 I have been crafting mineral salts from natural hot springs in small batch only steps from the source. Local businesses began to sell the product with great success. The proceeds from the salts help fund my explorations of other springs to enjoy and share. Now every bath I take allows me to enjoy a natural hot spring one more time.




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