Earth Warrior

We strive to live in harmony with the planet. By repurposing textile waste into new, sustainable items, we’re taking steps towards a more sustainable future, every single day. To date we have diverted 9125Lbs of textiles from landfills. And, we’re doing it all in our very own zero waste studio located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Our process is full-circle, which means that we’re intentional about the impact and importance of everything we use and every step we take. From concept to customer, every single item in our studio has a purpose and gets put to good use. We make zero waste a no-brainer! With vibrant patterns and bright colors, customers no longer have to decide between value-based and aesthetically pleasing products. By using and sourcing Earth Warrior products, you’re saving plastic from entering landfills, and trees from being cut down– and that feels good. Let’s make positive changes together! WE can be the change. WE can make a positive impact. WE can reduce waste. And WE can achieve this together.




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