Baba Jenny’s

Jenny Borysiuk (Baba Jenny) catered in the Vermilion River community for over 30 years. Vermilionites knew Jenny’s Ukrainian specialties were delicious, and her catering service was always booked full. Jenny’s daughter, Carolyn, decided to continue the Ukrainian legacy so more people could enjoy her family’s delicious, traditional foods! Since the community already loved Baba Jenny’s cooking, it was easy to market products locally, and so Baba Jenny’s Ukrainian Foods was born!
From the beginning, Baba Jenny’s Ukrainian Foods has been committed to maintaining the great quality and homemade taste of their products. The recipes are still the same wholesome recipes Baba Jenny used to satisfy her customers!
At Baba Jenny’s Ukrainian Foods, we know that great product starts with great ingredients. That’s why we handle each product individually and do not compromise on our ‘no additives’ policy. None of this would be possible without our great team of local babas! The whole staff is committed to upholding the delicious, homemade taste of Baba Jenny’s products!





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