A Souls Spark

A Souls Spark is a place where I create with authentic stones for the Vibrational Energy of the Soul.We source stones from all over the world, and bring in unpolished and polished gemstones.We create stones for our Jewelry by breaking, grinding and polishing to what we want to see in a gemstone.
With authentic stones and our suppliers being ethical and mostly small businesses, we are able to offer affordability to you.
Creativity is a large part of what we do, and making sure the right piece is aligning with your energy, is our passion, and what I absolutely love to do.
I am not afraid to create from scratch, and sometimes, that perfect stone is found on travels, while going for a walk, or is given to us by special souls.
Our connection to the Universal Energy, is how we make pieces and are able to ensure the perfect piece for each of you.
As we start the process of making pieces, we let the stones and beads energy flow through the intuition and I am very passionate about creating.
My intent is to be creating, and living the best life possible for all time.
We are passionate about Gemstones and the vibrational frequency the stones apply to the souls energy. That Energy allows us to heal through time and space and opens up all of the intuitive side. As we travel and heal through the Chakras, Gemstones apply their frequency of Energy to these spaces.
As we wander through this life, being passionate about anything is allowing our souls to heal.
Love and Light to all of the souls who are journeying, our paths will cross.




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